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This issue features:

  • National Geographic Travel "Best of the World" Destinations on the Rise 2021
  • Milken Institute Best Performing Cities 2021
  • The Shores at Tranquility - New Waterfront Community Resort-Style Amenities

Aerial photo of Titus Landing: Contents

ABOVE: Titus Landing is continuing to grow as it awaits the arrival of a new Chipotle Mexican Grill, to be located at the southeast corner of the property, near the intersection of Washington Avenue and Harrison Street. Story page 6.

Rendering of docks at The Shores of Tranquility.

FRONT COVER: An artist’s rendering of the observational pier that is proposed for the all new The Shores at Tranquility residential community, to be located along the Indian River Lagoon, south of Titusville, on the north side of NASA Causeway. Story page 11.

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What's Happening in Titusville — Here are the Newest Updates for What’s Going On in Town

It’s been one year since the effects of the global pandemic first arrived in our area, and despite the heavy toll it’s taken on us, we as a community continue to push forward and work hard. There have been struggles for many businesses, however, as a whole, Titusville has maintained a strong economy and is continuing to grow. 

New residential developments are under construction, new restaurants are opening up, small businesses are expanding, and people are working. Though times remain difficult for some, things are improving. So, stay strong, remain hopeful, and keep up the good fight; and remember... 

...We are Titusville.

New & Continued Projects

Verona SubdivisionVerona Subdivision

A sketch plat is under review for the second phase of the Verona Subdivision (formerly Willow Creek) which consists of 174 single-family homes on 117 acres. Site work is complete for Phase 1, and construction continues on the single-family homes.

Titusville Medical OfficeTitusville Medical Office

A site plan is under review for a 5,285-square-foot medical office to be located at 2335 S. Washington Avenue.

The Shores at TranquilityThe Shores at Tranquility (Formerly Antigua Bay)

A final plat is under review for phase 1 of the subdivision consisting of 100 single-family homes at the northeast corner of US 1 and SR 405. For more information on this project, see the article in our Feature Stories section on page 11.

Mutter Office BuildingMutter Office Building

A site plan is under review for a 2,316-square-foot office building to be located at 346 S. Washington Avenue.

Elevation plan of the new Launch Federal Credit UnionLaunch Federal Credit Union

A site plan is under review for a 3,796-square-foot credit union to be located west of Singleton Avenue and South of Garden Street, next to the Walgreen’s store.

Overhead view of Falcons Roost Subdivision location.Falcon’s Roost Subdivision (Formerly Lake Bella)

A preliminary plat/site plan is under review for a 28-lot single-family home subdivision on 53 acres located east of Apollo Elementary School, along the north side of Knox McRae Drive.

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Lockheed Martin Expansion1Lockheed Martin Expansion

Lockheed Martin is expanding operations at its Fleet Ballistic Missile headquarters in South Titusville. A site plan is under review for a 178,993-square-foot manufacturing and office building to be located at 1103 John Glenn Boulevard, across from the Titusville Police Department headquarters. 

Adjacent to its headquarters building, crews are already at work constructing a new parking lot, drive-aisles, stormwater and other landscape improvements. 

Lockheed Martin Expansion2Around the corner, at 1400 White Drive, Lockheed is planning work to an existing property it acquired in 2018. A site plan under review for site improvements to an existing facility and the construction of a new 46,601-square-foot industrial building.

Lockheed Martin Expansion3

Fox Lake HammockFox Lake Hammock

A site permit has been issued and site construction is underway for a 61-lot, single-family home subdivision located north of Harrison Street east on SR. 405.


Site and building construction are nearing completion for a 2,503-square-foot restaurant located at the southeast corner of State Road 50 and Helen Hauser Boulevard.

Vystar Credit UnionVystar Credit Union

A site permit has been issued and demolition has already commenced on the old Eckerd store located at the corner of Cheney Hwy. and Barna Avenue. The site will be the future home of a new Vystar Credit Union.

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Huntington ParkHuntington Park

A sketch plat has been approved for an 86-lot, single-family home subdivision on 79 acres, to be located immediately south of Park Avenue Baptist Church. The development will also include trails and parks.

Canopy Living ALFCanopy Living ALF

A site permit has been issued and ground work has commenced for a 49,913-square-foot assisted living facility to be located at 2805 Cheney Highway

Wendy Lee CondominiumsWendy Lee Condominiums

A site plan has been approved for 6-unit condominium building 

Hope HammockHope Hammock

A site plan has been approved for a 9-unit, multi-family development to be located at the northwest corner of Palmetto Street and South Brown Avenue.

Brooks Landing SubdivisionBrooks Landing Subdivision

A preliminary plat/site plan is under review for a 143-lot, single-family home subdivision located on the north side of Jay Jay Road.

Horizon SandpointHorizon Sandpoint

Site and building plans are under review for the redevelopment of the former Sandpoint Plaza located at 22 N. Washington Avenue. The proposed plan includes apartments, parking garage and commercial mixed-use buildings.

Page 3

Aspen DentalAspen Dental

Site and building construction have begun on the Aspen Dental office located at Titusville Point at the corner of SR 405 and Cheney Highway.

Discount TireDiscount Tire

Site construction has begun on a new Discount Tire store, to be located at Titusville Point, behind the new Cumberland Farms. 

River PalmsRiver Palms

Site and building construction continue for 100-residential condominium units within two buildings with associated amenities, located at 1805 Riverside Drive, across from Titusville High School.

Chaffee Drive DevelopmentChaffee Drive Development

Site plans are under review for a 9,221-square-foot warehouse and office located north of Chaffee Drive. The new facility will be the home of Bragg’s Central Florida operations which is currently located on Merritt Island.

Home Depot OutparcelHome Depot Outparcel

A site plan is under review for a 4,200-square-foot retail/restaurant & new parking lot located at 3363 Columbia Boulevard.

Harbor Freight ToolsHarbor Freight Tools

Harbor Freight Tools is planning to open a new store in Titusville at the former location of Bennett Auto on Garden Street, behind Walgreens. The company stated April 2021 as their target for opening. 

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Brookshire SubdivisionBrookshire Subdivision

A site permit has been issued for Phase 1, 71 single-family home lots, which is part of a 166-lot single-family home subdivision located at the northwest corner of Garden Street and I-95. 

Alpha-Omega Training and ComplianceAlpha-Omega Training and Compliance

A site plan is under review for a 9,600-square-foot office and storage building located at 1540 Armstrong Drive, for Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance, Inc., an environmental, health & safety, and compliance business which supports myriad government and private entities throughout the southeast U.S. 

MJW ConsolidatedMJW Consolidated

A site plan is under review for a 13,400 square foot office & fabrication shop/warehouse located at 1825 Shepard Drive.  

Downtown LandscapingCommunity Redevelopment Agency – Downtown Landscaping

The infill of landscaping and mulch to the S. Washington Avenue and South Hopkins Avenue rights-of-way between Grace Street and Main Street was completed in March 2021 with funds from the CRA.  

Bicycle Repair StationsBicycle Repair Stations

Two bicycle repair stations have been placed in the downtown area to assist cyclists using the local trails. One station is located at the Downtown Welcome Center, and the other is located adjacent to the trail on Indian River Avenue, near Veterans Park.  

Space View Park.Pedestrian Observation pierSpace View Park – Pedestrian/Observation Pier

The CRA accepted a study by Taylor Engineering, Jacksonville, FL regarding the feasibility of constructing a pedestrian/observation pier connecting Space View Park to Veterans Park at the February 9, 2021 CRA meeting. The consultant is now preparing a scope and cost estimate to complete the design, permitting and construction of the pier to present to the CRA at a future CRA meeting. 

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Feature Stories

Titusville Set to Launch New Historic Booklet and driving walking tourTitusville Set to Launch New Historic Booklet and Driving/Walking Tour

Knowledge of one’s history is important to have. With that in mind, the City of Titusville, through its Historic Preservation Board, is preparing a new Titusville Historic Booklet and Driving/Walking Tour website and mobile app. These tools will be used to highlight the many historic landmarks, places and events in the Greater Titusville area, in an effort to educate residents and visitors on the unique and important legacy of our local area. 

The Titusville Historic Preservation Board obtained a $30,000 grant for fiscal year 2021 from the Florida Division of Historical Resources to fund the project. The funding is part of the State’s Historic Preservation Grants Program, which allocates state funds appropriated by the Legislature — and federal funds apportioned to the state by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service — for the preservation and protection of the state’s historic and archaeological sites and properties. 

The booklet and driving/walking tour are being produced by Coherit Associates of Branford, Connecticut, and is expected to be completed in June 2021.  

Welcome Center Becomes Home to MerrittWelcome Center Becomes Home to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Gift Shop

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Gift Shop has moved into the Downtown Welcome Center temporarily while construction of a new Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center is under construction. The Gift Shop is expected operate out of the Welcome Center for approximately one year until the new visitor center at the refuge is completed.


Chipotle is coming to Titus Landing!

For fans of the Burrito bowl, it has been confirmed, Chipotle Mexican Grill will be opening a new restaurant at Titus Landing. The proposed location is the south east outparcel of the plaza at the corner of Harrison Street and Washington Avenue, in front of Hobby Lobby. The company anticipates opening in the Fall of 2021. 

Presently, City of Titusville building officials are reviewing plans for the new 6,150 sq. ft. single story building. The plans show that the building will face toward Washington Avenue, and will be comprised of the Chipotle restaurant and an undetermined retail space. 

Known for their fresh ingredients and gluten-free practices, Chipotle has become a favorite for health conscience diners since 1993. Titusville will be the newest Chipotle LocationChipotle, of its 2,750 restaurants located throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

For more information on Chipotle Mexican Grill, visit their website at chipotle.com. 

Page 6

Former MacSweetsDaley Trade food 1

Movers & Shakers

Three businesses manage to hold on — even grow — during difficult times. 

The ever-changing business landscape of Downtown Titusville has some new and exciting things happening. In a year of uncertainty and economic woes, where many local businesses struggled to continue operating after COVID, a few companies in town have decided to hang out their shingle and claim their spot in historic downtown Titusville, and beyond. Daley trade grey dude

The Daley Trade

Opened originally as a bread and pasta delivery service in 2020, The Daley Trade will be moving in to 330 S. Washington Ave— The former home to MacSweets, which closed up shop in December 2020.

"I wanted to start my own business based on my love for comfort food and cooking at home,"said Terrance Daley, owner and graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. "I am always amazed and inspired by food because of the ability it has to bring people together."

"Some of my fondest memories over the years have been dinners with friends and family and I wanted to find a way to help people replicate those memories in their homes," Daley said, "I'm super excited to give people the ingredients and means to help them create and incredible homemade meals, hoping that they can share the good times with others."

For more information on the products and services offered by The Daley Trade, or to order from their growing list of items, go to their website at thedleytrade.com or call (504) 729-2025.

Daley Trade food plate.Daley Trade Logo coming soonTerrance Daley stands at the door to his new storefront in Downtown Titusville.

 Page 7

Real Living Mutter Reality 

Real Livig Mutter Reality BPMutter Reality Current locationMutter Office BuildingThe future home of Mutter Reality will be built on the corner or Julia St. and Washington Ave. in Titusville. The former Bookrack building was demolished on July 6, 2020, and in its place, Mutter plans to construct a two-story building which will fit the historic look of Downtown Titusville, matching the surrounding architecture and maintain the historic charm.

Mutter Real Estate Group is a full-service real estate brokerage, handling residential, commercial, sales and leasing, property management, relocation and all distressed sales. They are family owned and operated. 

For the latest information on available properties and services, go to mutterrealestategroup.com or call (321) 269-9855 

Olive You, LLC 

Olive You products on a shelf.Olive You window sign.Olive You product bottles.

A small gourmet olive and vinegar shop is the perfect ingredient to add to the diverse mix of specialty retailers in Titusville. Currently, the shop is located in Suite #1 at 11 Main Street, but plans are in motion for it to relocate in June to a storefront along Titusville’s main thoroughfare at 5167 S. Washington Ave.

Olive You foodOlive You LLC wants to provide an inspirational layout that will educate and inspire recipes for the chefs and cooks in everyone’s family. Their focus, they say is “Leading with their heart and a strong devotion for our community,” Olive You LLC seeks to tailor their products to your tastes and educate the public on the blend of fine extra virgin olive oils & delicious balsamic vinegars.

“We deliver the rewards of mother nature and innovate ways to boost fresh, delicious tastings. It’s all about you.” said Johnny Herrera owner of Olive You LLC. 

“Understanding the birth of the olives, location, and tracing its lifecycle to ensure the support of acceptable agricultural practices, the preservation of natural resources, and improving the quality Olive You Future Locationof olive products leaving us with only the best quality olive oil.”

“We can’t wait to meet you!” 

To learn more about the unique olive and vinegar blends and tasting opportunities, head over to oliveyoutastings.com or call (321) 225-4766.

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All Eyes on Titusville

Titusville and surrounding area named to three prestigious national and international lists.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy lifts off, carrying the ArabSat satellite. (Photo: SpaceX)Over the past six month, Titusville and our surrounding area has been named to three national and international lists because of the strength of our economy and tourism industry.

Most Dynamic Metropolitan Regions 

In November of 2020, The Titusville-Melbourne-Palm Bay region was selected as the 25th “Most Dynamic Metropolitan Regions” of the United States by Heartland Forward, a Bentonville, Arkansas-based organization focused on improving economic performance in the center of the United States. The organization published the report ranking 375 U.S. metropolitan areas based on their economic performance, placing our community in the upper echelon of the country because of our continued growth and development. 

The report based their findings on increased federal spending on defense and space contracts, the influx of commercial space companies bringing high-wage jobs to the area, the growing housing market as a result of low-rate mortgages and increased employment, as well as the traditionally-strong tourism through Port Canaveral’s status as the world’s second-busiest cruise ship port (pre-pandemic). 

Heartland Forward estimates that the Titusville-Melbourne-Palm Bay metropolitan area is poised for continued growth. Through aggressive recruitment of aerospace firms, sizable investments by existing firms like Lockheed Martin’s $40 million Fleet Ballistic Missile Program headquarters, and growth in commercial space activity, the regional economy should continue to grow as long as federal government support for space programs and defense spending continues.  

Top 10 Best Performing Large Cities

In February, Titusville (grouped with Melbourne and Palm Bay as one metropolitan statistical area, or MSA) was listed among the Top 10 Best Performing Large Cities in the United States, based on a new report by the Milken Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank based out of Santa Monica, California. The good news came despite the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The institute ranked Titusville second behind Provo, Utah, because of our access to technology jobs. The report read that our area’s placement near the top “is largely due to a diversified, high-tech industrial base, including a significant part of the national aerospace and defense industries.” 

“Our view is that tech jobs are more sustainable and higher paying,” according to Kevin Klowden, executive director for the Milken Institute’s Center for Regional Economics. “Cities that have more of those jobs tend to be more sustaining in terms of the rankings.” 

The institute stated that our area has seen job growth exceeding 17% from 2014 to 2019, and wage growth of 37% between 2018 and 2019, which helped elevate the area in the rankings. Since the onset of the pandemic, however, employment has only fallen 1.5% as a result of the economic hardship, and the institute believes it is only a matter of time before that is recovered.  

Top 25 Best of The World Destinations 

Titusville and the Space Coast of Florida was recently listed among the 25 “Best of The World” destinations by National Geographic, highlighting our area’s continued prominence among international travel and family vacation locales. 

The travel report emphasized viewing sites of launches from Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, the KSC Visitor Complex, as well as the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and bioluminescent tours along the Indian River Lagoon, as top tourism attractions bringing people to the coast. 





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It’s Still Goin’

Developer charging forward despite significant difficulties, slow government process. 

Walker Hotel Black and White photoLaunch Now, the ambitious redevelopment of the old First Federal Savings Bank and Walker Hotel buildings in Downtown Titusville, is a major, ongoing project that has already brought huge changes to the downtown area. Once complete, the project will see the previously vacant and deteriorating historic buildings transformed into a beautiful new locale, including a co-working office, retail and restaurant spaces space on the ground floor, and 20 boutique apartments.

Construction has been underway for quite some time, and two big questions have been at the forefront of many people’s minds: what does the inside of the building look like? — when will the project finally be completed? Recently, several Titusville officials including Mayor Dan Diesel and Council Member Robert Jordan, had the opportunity to tour the construction site, see the progress that has been made, and speak with Project Manager Kris Harvey, of Loyd Contracting, about what the future holds for Launch Now.

A Bumpy Road 

One question many are asking is why the project has taken so long to take shape. As Harvey says, the biggest time constraint for the project is also what makes the project so unique in the first place — ensuring that the developers keep the historic personality of the building intact. 

“Laura [Hamilton, Project Developer] asked me if I’d be willing to highlight some of the challenges we have out here,” Harvey said as he addressed the issue of the project taking such a long time. He stated that the project has been delayed so much “because the building’s a hundred years old. It’s part of the National Park Service, to maintain the historic character of it, and we’re trying to do a lot.” 

First Floor Beams of Walker Hotel.One key issue the contractors faced involved the second and third-floor load bearing beams not being correctly placed above the main first floor support beam when the building was constructed in 1924. Instead, they were placed a few feet away, causing the floors to bow and sag over the years as more and more weight was added by continuous changes over the years. This resulted in the contractor having to add several new steel beams to the structure in order to maintain integrity and safety for the upper floors.

Harvey explained that every time the developer needed to make a change, permission had to be sought from the state and national level in order to maintain historic grant funding. Ultimately, approval had be granted by the NPS in order to make important safety and quality of life improvements to the building, including the installation of modern-day windows, disability improvements such as elevators and wheel chair ramps, and most alarming of all, ensuring that the structural integrity of the building was safe enough for its future tenants. Kris Harvey discusses the project with Council member Jordan and Mayor Diesel.

“Just this little modification that we do right here requires an amendment that goes to the state, then it goes on to the [Washington] D.C. level.” Harvey stated, in referencing adjustments made to the safety aspects of the main stairs. “The last two amendments that we submitted for simple, common-sense improvements ... took over seven months to get through the process.”

The age of the buildings required redesigning some of the weight distribution load path of both the hotel and the old bank to support the necessary changes being made and the increased stress they would be facing. Other changes have included the installation of replacement doors and windows matching the originals that aged poorly over the last hundred years — many which required the aforementioned approval from NPS. The contractor also had to install new wiring and junction boxes for the myriad rooms throughout the old building, bringing them up to code for modern-day living spaces. On the exterior of the building, the developer had to relocate a water main pipe and other utilities that rested below the parking area. 

What the Future Holds 

As a result of the global pandemic, the developers are revisiting their idea of an open food hall on the first floor, as well as the co-working space in the old bank building next door. Despite the challenges faced by the developers, they are still very excited to finish the project and open their doors for tenants to move in and get to work. 

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A Luxury Riverfront Lifestyle

New Gated Residential Community Already Under Construction

Artist rendering showing the private entrance into the gated community.

The Shores at Tranquility is a brand new, private, gated residential community located on pristine and previously undeveloped land along Florida’s Space Coast. Phase I of this beautiful community includes just 97 waterfront home sites – 62 of those lots with direct Intracoastal frontage. 

At one time called Antigua Bay, the 250-acre property has been in various stages of planning for many years, but has finally seen new life recently. Crews are beginning the process of turning this vast untouched riverfront land into a vista sure to attract people from all over to move to Titusville. 

“This property is a unicorn. You’ll never see anything like it again,” says Tom Kirsop, General Sales Manager and Broker of the Shores at Tranquility Properties. 

History in the Making 

“This is a literal front row view to watching HISTORY!” Kirsop says. The Shores at Tranquility is located on Florida’s Space Coast, with a direct view of the Kennedy Space Center’s launch site. “They’re sending satellites up to learn more, and trying to get to Mars. We’re talking about rockets launching every month.” 

This 250-acre tract of land will one day be the luxury development known as The Shores at Tranquility.While these properties offer the typical fare for an upscale waterfront neighborhood, there is also the added bonus of being able to look out of the backyard, across the beautiful Intracoastal and watch the rocket launches in plain view.

But Kirsop is quick to point out that this community offers so much more to prospective owners than its proximity to the Kennedy Space Center launch site. It is, after all, part of the Gateway to Nature and Space.  


This area is considered Mother Nature’s playground. Not only will the Shores at Tranquility provide residents with access to the most groundbreaking advances of science and space travel, but residents will be able to explore the immaculate 332 acres of Earth’s very own natural beauty, within the gated community. 

“This property is unique because most communities have maybe a mile of water views across an Intracoastal Waterway,” Kirsop points out. “Shores of Tranquility is three-to-five miles of water views across, so it’s like you’re looking at the ocean.” He says, adding that it isn’t just the access to the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway that sets Shores at Tranquility apart.

Page 11

The Shores at Tranquility 3D rendering showing the night time amenities.

Community Amenities 

“There’s something for everyone,” says Kirsop. “There will be resort-style swimming pool, along with tennis and pickleball courts, a playground, and a fitness center for our community members to enjoy.” 

Design concept of the community club house, featuring a playground and pool.In addition to these activities, the community will feature a mixed-use town center.

“This won’t be like a public strip mall. This will be a destination to visit, a place to hang out with neighbors and family,” says Kirsop. “This is part of the master plan for the community. It will be a well maintained and beautiful place to spend time together. There will be fountains and outdoor seating — a place you’ll want to walk around and eat your ice cream.”

 Kirsop notes this is also a fantastic area for all types of boating, with easy access to diverse bodies of water. 

Plenty to Explore 

Within the gated community will be a variety of private walking trails through the woods. There will be ample opportunity to spot birds and other wildlife without having to leave the neighborhood. This will be a great place for neighbors and families to spend time together and enjoy time in the outdoors. 

The community’s close proximity to the 140,000-acre Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge just across the bridge, makes it a prime place to plant roots and call home. It’s also a short drive from the incredible Indian River Lagoon, providing residents a variety of ways to be adventurous, find a peaceful moment to enjoy the allure of Florida, or just get some fresh air and exercise outdoors. 

Across from the gates, there is also the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary, which encompasses 471 beautiful acres of nature preserve with walking, biking and hiking trails.  The Shores at Tranquility water skiing

Access to All Things Florida 

The Shores at Tranquility will be perfectly located near several bodies of water, giving residents another great reason to get out on the water. The freshwater rivers and marshes along the Space Coast are known for bass fishing, shrimping, crabbing, and some of the largest tagged redfish to have ever been caught. Residents will also have access to walk to the community’s pier. if they simply want to spend some time casting without getting out in a boat.

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Concept of a marina which may be included in the final design of the community.Another big advantage The Shores at Tranquility offers is a sense of distance from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world while still enjoying easy access to Orlando, beautiful beaches, shopping, and great area restaurants.

“Orlando Airport is about 35 minutes away, along with the metro area that offers everything from great sporting venues and concerts to shopping like the Mall of Millenia, and fun for the whole family at Disney and Universal,” says Kirsop. “Speaking of sporting venues, the Daytona 500 is less than an hour north.” 

Kirsop also notes these aren’t the only attractions nearby. The community is about 15 minutes from the ocean, including some of the most pristine beaches you will find on the Florida Coast, including Playalinda Beach and Cocoa Beach, which are just minutes away. Besides beaches, there are great venues for an array of arts and culture, also only a short drive away.


The Shores at Tranquility Map

Page 13

Photo of shoreline of Indian River Lagoon: Launch your dreams... The Shores at Tranquility Grand Opening Event! New, gated waterfront community on the intracoastal waterway. 3 to 5 mile views across the intracoastal. April 24 - 25, call today! Home sites with direct intracoastal access; minutes from the beach; first phase of master-planned town center community; gated community with world-class amenities; direct views of rocket launches from your home; choose from five of the region's finest custom builders. Photos of: astronaut on a beach; night launch; rendering of club house; rendering of pool area; sunrise over dock on river; kayakers.

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City Gov News

LVW League of Women Voters of the Space Coast

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. 

The League of Women Voters (LWV) was founded in 1920 by Carrie Chapman Catt shortly before the Women’s Suffrage Amendment was ratified. After years of hard work and organizing, women across the country suddenly had the right to vote, so the LWV next structured itself to help those newly enfranchised women become politically educated and responsible voting citizens. In 1973, the national charter was modified giving men the opportunity to join the League. 

Over the years the League has opened the door to intellectual activity and involvement in political life. When the political establishment first began seeing women as capable of serving on local boards and holding office, they naturally began seeking their advice and support. The League continues to study many issues and actively promotes reform where necessary. The LWV remains a pertinent citizen voice in local governance and will continue to serve as a training ground for many community leaders in the future. 

The Florida League was formed in 1939 by three local Leagues: St. Petersburg, Winter Haven and Winter Park-Orlando. Currently in Florida there are 29 local leagues statewide. Nationally the LWV is in every state as well as Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and worldwide as far away as Hong Kong with a total of 900 state and local leagues. 

The first League in Brevard County, the League of Women Voters of Cocoa, was formed in 1948 with twenty-one members. When the original charter was granted, the League asked to be called the Central Brevard League. This request was denied since county appellations could not be used. 

In 1953 the request was resubmitted, and again, it was denied. 

Since the LWV membership and activity truly represented Central Brevard rather than simply Cocoa, the request to change the name was finally granted in 1960. On Sept. 1 of that year, the organization became known as the LWV of Central Brevard. 

In the meantime, a group in the south end of the county formed the South Brevard League in 1958, and the 72-mile county received a wider dissemination of information on political issues and local concerns. 

Ten years later, in 1970, there was another name change — the Cape Kennedy Area LWV. The Cape LWV platform included water pollution, land use and growth under county government, modernization of local government, support of county programs to strengthen health, education and welfare, and support for the Cape’s yardstick on charter government. 

South Brevard programs covered local government services, organization, land use, finance and taxation policies and procedures governing major political parties in Brevard. A major continued program was a study of the water resources of South Brevard. 

Community services included publications, i.e., “Contact”, “Election Extra” and “This is Brevard County”. The Leagues provided local voter registration drives, staffing of voting machines, candidate forums and studies in areas of general citizen concerns. 

In May of 1978 a leadership crisis faced the LWV of South Brevard, due to a move out of state by its president. However, the problem was resolved and the League continued to operate. Discussion began about ways of cutting down on duplication of projects by both Leagues. Inevitably this led to talk of combining the Cape Kennedy and South Brevard chapters and on Nov. 19, 1979 those Leagues consolidated to become the LWV of the Space Coast. The first annual meeting was held in April of 1980.  

Voter Registration Facts


To register, the Florida Voter Registration Application Form must be completed. This form, which is also used to notify the Elections Office of a change in your name, address, party affiliation or to update a signature, can be found online and at locations listed below, or you may request that an application be mailed. Registration or changes must be received by the Elections Office at least 29 days before an election. After the application is received, a Voter Information Card that includes your precinct number and voting districts will be mailed.


In order to be eligible to register to vote in Brevard County, applicants must be:

  • A United States citizen
  • A Brevard County resident
  • 18 years old by Election Day (pre-registration permitted at 16)
  • Not currently judged mentally incapacitated
  • Not currently convicted of a felony without your rights restored

Register at Election Offices and other locations found at www. votebrevard.com.


North Government Complex 400 South Street, Titusville, FL 32780, Phone: 264-6740

Viera Government Center 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way Building C, Level 1 Melbourne, FL 32940, Phone: 633-2124

South Brevard Complex 1515 Sarno Road Melbourne, FL 32935, Phone: 255-4455

Palm Bay Office 450 Cogan Drive S.E. Palm Bay, FL 32909, Phone: 952-6328

Election Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday


Any registered Voter may vote by mail. Mail/Absentee ballot requests may be in person, by regular mail, e-mail or by  phone to the Supervisor  of Elections. All requests must be received no later than 5 p.m. the sixth day before the election, and ballots must be received at the Election Office by 7p.m. on Election Day to be eligible to be counted.


Prior to Election Day early voting for federal or state races is available   at all Supervisor of Elections’ offices and, at the Supervisor’s discretion,  at certain other locations, beginning 10 days before Election Day and running through  the   third  day  before Election  Day.   Additional  early  voting   may  be offered, at the Supervisor’s discretion, on the 15th through 11th days and on the second day before the election. Identification requirements for early voting are the same as for voting on Election Day. Florida law requires each voter  to present   an  unexpired  form   of  identification  containing   the  voter’s name and photograph. If the identification does not also contain the voter’s signature, additional identification containing that signature is required.


A referendum may be called at any time on any issue that requires a vote of the people. All voters may vote regardless of party affiliation.


Florida is a closed primary state. If you want to vote in a partisan Primary Election,  then   you must  be  a   registered  voter  with   the  political  party   for which  the  primary   election  is held.  All   registered  voters  may   vote  on  is- sues, amendments and for non-partisan candidates such as: judges, school board   and  city  council   members,  regardless  of   party  affiliation. Political can be requested no later than 29 days before the election through the election offices.

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I Am Lagoon Loyal

Aerial photo of Indian River Lagoon, with Lagoon Loyal logo superimposed.February 2, 2021, Brevard County, FL: The LagoonLoyal.com website and platform unites local residents and businesses who are joining forces to fulfill the vision of a cleaner, healthier lagoon. There are over 400 active Lagoon Loyal participants engaging in pollution reduction actions and being rewarded with discounts from over 75 participating local businesses.

How it works:

  1. Brevard County residents create their free LagoonLoyal.com account
  2. They complete lagoon-friendly actions to earn points
  3. Then they swap points for local business discounts 

   The Lagoon Loyal process is cyclical in nature and benefits everyone involved. Residents complete simple lagoon-friendly tasks and earn discounts; businesses get more foot traffic with Lagoon Loyal marketing; and the entire county enjoys progress towards a healthier lagoon. 

  “It’s a win–win–win for everyone involved,” said Jamie Guth, strategic manager of the Lagoon Loyal program. “For example, a resident can upload a photo of their grass clippings blown back into their lawn after mowing, and earn 10 Lagoon Loyal points. That simple action not only prevents excess nutrient pollution from entering the lagoon through storm drains, but the points can be instantly converted to a wide range of discounts at businesses throughout the county — including restaurants, retail, wellness facilities, recreation, and other everyday services. Each business creates their own discount and can change it at any time.” 

  There are currently 20 simple activities residents can complete again and again to earn points, ranging from choosing the right fertilizer, buying native plants, or attending a lagoon-centric event listed on the website such as oyster bagging or shoreline clean-ups. LagoonLoyal.com/actions lists the complete range of activities. 

  “There are hundreds of projects currently underway to save our lagoon, including wastewater treatment upgrades, septic upgrades, stormwater treatment, muck dredging, and oyster restoration to name a few. LagoonLoyal.com empowers residents to get involved to restore the lagoon sooner,” said Virginia Barker, Director of Brevard County Natural Resources. “Imagine the positive impact 250,000 households could have on the health of the lagoon this year by adopting a few basic actions and habits.” 

  The LagoonLoyal.com rewards program welcomes all Brevard County residents and businesses to participate.

About Lagoon Loyal

Lagoon Loyal is a Brevard County community outreach and incentive program that encourages residents to commit to activities that benefit the health of the Indian River Lagoon. The program is part of Brevard County’s Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan funded by the 1/2 cent sales tax referendum passed in 2016. 

Media Contact

Walter Wood

Lagoon Loyal



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Love it Like a Local, Be Lagoon-Friendly: graphic flyer showing multiple nature photos of the river, birds, wildlife. As a local with a love for the lagoon, you can take these lagoon-friendly actions to preserve it. Yes, you love the Indian River Lagoon like a local and want to do everything in your power to preserve clear waters, alive with lush sea grass beds and thriving fish, birds, manatees, and dolphins. Embracing how to :"love it like a local," you will ensure your lifestyle continues to enhance the vibrancy, aesthetic appeal, and economic value of the lagoon. For Everyone: Recycle and keep the Lagoon free of trash- use reusable or paper bags at the grocery; use as little plastic as possible; minimize pesticide use and dispose of toxic chemicals correctly; stop septic tank leaks, inspect your drain field as well as your septic tank; wash your car at a car wash - keep soap and chemicals out of the Lagoon; put only clean water down the street sewers or drain - no trash, no grass, no oil or soap. Your Yard: plant a lagoon-friendly lawn with native plants that don't need additional watering or require fertilizer; when mowing, blow grass clipping back on lawn; obey the summer fertilizer ban June 1 through September 30; minimize lawn watering; direct downspouts onto lawns, away from paved areas; repair and use timed-sprinklers; remember reclaimed water doesn't need fertilizer. If you live directly on the lagoon: Plant a living shoreline; keep yard waste and fertilizer OUT of the Lagoon; grow oysters on your dock; remember- obey the law, don't cut mangroves without a permit. New Home Owners: Check plumbing systems for durability; inspect septic systems thoroughly, upgrading to an advanced system if possible; install water sense high-efficiency toilets and other plumbing fixtures; obtain a lateral line inspection from your curb to your home; ask about the option to go solar. Diners - start a trend: Bring your own receptacles for leftovers; just say, "no straw, please." Help your favorite places to dine understand there's a local desire for them to provide better alternatives.

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Photo of a mother and small son sitting in the Indian River Lagoon: Welcome Home, Love it Like a Local. Now that you call Brevard home, you are part of a community that treasures a unique and valuable natural resource — the Indian River Lagoon. You have likely experienced the serenity of the Lagoon, spotting dolphins playing in boat wakes, tracking sailboats during a light wind, or rising early to see a quiet sunrise. One of the most diverse estuaries in the nation, the Indian River Lagoon features an extraordinary mix of wildlife and native plants, fishing and boating opportunities, and beautiful residential shorelines. It's a unique natural asset worth preserving. Immerse yourself in Brevard: Volunteer. Want to get more involved? At HelpTheLagoon.org/volunteer, learn about your great options. Meet neighbors and make friends through hands-on actions like oyster gardening, planting living shorelines, or beach clean-ups! Support nonprofits helping the Lagoon; pick up trash with Keep Brevard Beautiful; help plant living shorelines, oyster reefs, and mangroves; RestoreOurShores.org/volunteer; SaveTheLagoon.org/volunteer.

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Titusville Needs City Residents

Help guide our city into the future. Volunteer and serve on a board or commission.

  • North Brevard Economic Development Zone Dependent Special District Board
  • North Brevard Library District Board
  • North Brevard Commission on Parks and Recreation
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Titusville Environmental Commission
  • Titusville Housing Authority
  • Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
  • Board of Adjustments and Appeals
  • Board of Trustees of the General Employee's Pension Plan
  • Community Redevelopment Agency
  • North Brevard County Hospital District Board
  • Historic Preservation Board

This City of Titusville has a variety of boards, committees, and commissions that discuss and make important recommendations or undertake special activities specific to the purpose of each board.  The City's boards and volunteer board members serve a critical role to the community and the function of city government.

For more information, please contact the Titusville City Clerk's Office at Ph. 321-567-3686

Parish Medical News

Parrish Medical Center is providing both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to the public at their facility located at 2210 Cheney Highway. As of April 5, vaccines were made available for all persons 18 years of age and older.  Appointments are required in order to receive a vaccine.

   To schedule an appointment, call the Parrish COVID hotline at (321) 268-6311, or go online to vaccine.parrishmed.com.

   Another option available is through the Brevard County Department of Health site at brevard.floridahealth.gov/

   Individuals who are homebound and would like to have a vaccine, can do so by contacting Brevard County Fire Rescue at (321) 633-2056.

   For more information, go to the Parrish Website link at: 



Community Service 

Nominations Wanted For Community Service Award

The Titusville Community Service Award Select Committee is seeking nominations for its annual award. This award was established in honor of Reverend Harry R. Lee for his extraordinary, long-term contributions. Reverend Lee served the community in many different capacities. He was the City Chaplain, City Employee Assistance Advisor, Chaplain of Sertoma Club, and Chaplain of the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce. By his spirit, words, and actions he personified the concept of unity and the spirit of service in the community.  

   This year’s award will be presented on June 14th at the Flag Day/Community Service Award Celebration. Like Mr. Lee, nominees should be those who have made great contributions to the Titusville area. We invite you to help us honor these exceptional individuals by submitting a nomination today! For more information and to receive a nomination form, contact Caitlin Rodriguez in the City Clerk’s Office at 567-3686. The form is also available at the information desk at City Hall. 

Submission deadline: Monday, May 3rd

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You Set Your Clock, Did You Set Your Irrigation Controller?

Red sprinkler spraying water

Spring has sprung and the dog days of summer are nipping at our heels. When you set your clocks forward one hour for Daylight Saving Time, did you set your irrigation controller to the Spring/Summer schedule? 

During Daylight Saving Time, March 14 through November 7, the irrigation restrictions changed to allow outside irrigation no more than twice a week. Homes with even-numbered addresses may irrigate on Thursdays and Sundays. Homes with odd-numbered addresses may irrigate on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Businesses may irrigate on Tuesdays and Fridays. The irrigation restrictions apply to reclaimed water, well water, and city water use. 

Florida’s rainy season starts in April. Check to see how to manually over-ride your controller settings so that during thunderstorms and heavy rain you can turn off your irrigation system. Florida state law requires all automatic irrigation systems to be equipped with a rain sensor so that sprinklers cannot operate during rain events.

The no-more-than-twice-a-week schedule recognizes that during this time of year plants are exposed to more sunlight and are in a growth cycle, so they may need more water. However, by using native plants and planting the right plant in the right place, you may not need any supplemental irrigation, as normal rainfall may provide enough water for your plants’ needs. To choose the right plant for the right place, just look at the conditions present in your yard. Does that area of the yard get sun all day long? Is it shaded by a neighboring tree? Does the area remain wet for a long period after a rain? Match a plant’s light and water needs to your site conditions to ensure a successful, stress-free landscape that thrives. 

More information on the irrigation restrictions and how to create an attractive water-saving yard is available by contacting the Water Conservation Office at 321-567-3865 or by visiting the Water Resources Department’s Conservation Program pages at www.titusville.com

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Titusville Police Department

Distracted driving Costs Lives

Titusville Police officer conducts a Traffic Stop.In the United States, about nine people die and 1000 are injured each day as a result of distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In the city of Titusville, police have responded to 345 traffic crashes since January 2021, and three of which involved fatalities. The total number of accidents has increased by 22%. However, more alarming is the accidents with injuries involved have gone up nearly 40%, which we attribute to distracted driving.

  The Titusville Police Department is urging all motorists to put down distracting devices. Florida laws require drivers put their phones down and focus on driving and prohibits the use of wireless communications devices in a handheld manner in school and work zone. Motorists could receive a citation up to $60, plus court fees and three points on their license. Motorists, please focus on driving.

     Additionally, pedestrians and cyclists sharing the roadway, be alert and deactivate your distracting devices, so that you are aware of important audio cues and motor vehicle traffic. Remember road safety is a two-way street.


Titusville K9 Heroes Retire as the Next Generation Prepares to Serve.

The Titusville Police Department is pleased to announce the retirement of K9 Jack and K9 Draco, and the addition of K9 Titan and K9 Astro. K9 Jack and K9 Draco were working members of our department and dutifully served the City of Titusville for over 8 years each. They will be spending their much-deserved retirement at the homes of their handlers, Corporal John Cantalupo and K9 Officer Jesse Lengefeld, respectively.  

K9 Titan and K9 Astro are both Belgian Malinois and just over a year old. They are currently completing their 600-plus hours of initial training, and will be working with the patrol division in a few months. In fact, Titan and Astro will be the first certified Explosive Ordinance Detection (EOD) K9s in the history of our agency, and are among a select few within Brevard County.

Thank You For Your Service!

TPD Retired K9 DracoTPD Retired K9 Jack

The Titusville Police K9 Team Will Consist of:

  • Corporal John Cantalupo and K9 Astro
  • K9 Officer Jesse Lengefeld and K9 Titan
  • K9 Officer Tyler Glenn and K9 Chase
  • K9 Officer Jacob Weaver and K9 Scooby

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Titusville Fire Department

COVID-19: A look through an EMS First Responder’s eyes.

When you think of a fire truck or ambulance responding to your house, you think fast.  That is still the case, but now we are acting a little more cautious than we have in the past.  You may notice the responding crews putting additional personal protection equipment (PPE) on before entering your house.  Gowns, goggles, gloves, and especially masks.

    The Coronavirus has changed the way a responder thinks prior to entering.   They may ask questions from the doorway including, “can you come outside?” — “has anyone in the house been sick? had a fever?” These are important questions that responders not only use protect themselves, but also to protect you and your family.

   Our firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs are here doing the best they can to help you and keep you safe.  Please remember to wear a mask, wash your hands, socially distance yourself.  

Additional information:

TFD Smoke Detector Flyer, featuring cartoon battery, stove, and clock.: You may have turned your clocks forward! But have you tested your smoke alarm? 2 out of 5 smoke alarms have missing or disconnected batteries! *National Fire Protection Association. Take time to test and change your batteries in your smoke alarms. Titusville font and Titusville Fire logo. 

TFD: By the Numbers

  • Total Calls: 9,321
  • Fires: 140
  • Ems: 6,170
  • Other: :3,011
  • STATION 10 = 18% = 1,635 Calls 
  • STATION 11 = 30% = 2,794 Calls
  • STATION 12 = 22% = 2,053 Calls
  • STATION 13 = 30% = 2,839 Calls
  • Average Emergency Response Time: 4 Minutes and 50 Seconds

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Completed And Opened

Beachwave Open For BusinessBeachwave

Beachwave opened their doors in January 2020, providing a plethora of beach attire, swimming accoutrement and more.

Five Below Open For BusinessFive Below

A new Five Below store has opened inside the Target Plaza on Columbia Boulevard.

Olive You Open For BusinessOlive You

Olive You, a new specialty shop featuring various olive oils and balsamic vinegars. is open at 11 Main Street in Downtown Titusville.

Florida Classic Custom Auto Open For BusinessFlorida Classic Custom Auto

A new automotive customization shop has opened at 701 South Washington Avenue. 

Lex the dog With police handlerIn Loving Memory...

With great sadness, the Titusville Police Department  recently announced that retired Titusville Police K9 “Lex” passed away on Saturday, March 20, 2021. Lex served with honor and valiant recognition alongside three K9 handlers during his time of service, ultimately retiring with Titusville Police Sergeant Mark Jennings

    Lex was certified and began his dedicated work for this city in March 2010, and retired from service in April 2017.  Lex was born to love, trained to serve, and loyal until the end.  Lex leaves behind his devoted fellow law enforcement family at the Titusville Police Department, a grateful Titusville community, and his loving Jennings family.

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Historic Spotlight

The O.K. Barber Shop

O.K. Barber ShopLocated at 322 So. Washington Ave., this building was built in 1925 and housed the O.K. Barber Shop. (newspaper photo) In 1925, 19-year-old Warren Davis, who was referred to as “George” because he hailed from Georgia, left Georgia and came to Florida on a train to work as a barber. He attended barber classes run by the state twice a week at night for six weeks. When Davis started work in Titusville there was only one other barber shop. At the O.K. Barber Shop, Davis became Titusville’s only combination beauty and barbershop operator. The first beauty shop in Titusville was in a room in back of the barber shop. Beauty operators curled women’s hair with electric permanent wave machines, and didn’t cut hair back then. Barbers cut both men and women’s hair. During the days when most of the town’s population came to Davis for a haircut, there were 4 full-time barbers. You can almost visualize what the barber shop looked like. Outside was the red, white and blue barber pole twirling around. Inside was an antique cabinet full of old-fashioned bottles of tonics that put the finishing touch to a good shave along with brushed on powder, straight-edge razors, leather razor strips, the sinks, hand cranked black barber chairs,   brass cash register, and a shoe shine stand built in 1956 – all original. 

The barbershop was a place to swap fish stories, get a snappy shoeshine and personalized service that included everything from an eyebrow trim to dosages of cure-all tonics. Haircuts were 50 cents and shaves 25 cents. When young boys were brought in for their first haircuts, they sat on the “board” – a slat across the barber chair arms and cried.  Davis purchased the shop in 1937, and it was the center of social activity, especially on Saturday nights when they stayed open ‘til midnight. Explanation of how one of the high-backed black wooden chairs had a rung broken is that a gunman burst into the beauty shop during the ‘30s and threatened to shoot a customer. Davis and another man wrestled away the “.38 pistol, but the gunman ended up getting his middle finger shot off. The barber shop was later moved to the back of the building, with the barber pole and entrance facing Hopkins Ave. The O.K. Barber Shop stayed in business until it closed in the late 1980s.


Important City Numbers:

Building Department


Business Tax Receipts (Occupational Licenses)


City Clerk


City Hall Main Number


City Hall FAX Number


City Manager’s Office


Code Enforcement


Community Advocate


Customer Service (Utility Billing)


Economic Development


Fire Department (Non-Emergency)


Fire Public Education


Human Resources




Neighborhood Services


Municipal Marina




Planning Department


Police (Non-Emergency)


Police / Fire Rescue (Emergency)


Solid Waste




Stormwater (After Hours Emergency)


Streets Maintenance


Water Field Operations (Water Main Break)


Water Main Break (After Hours Emergency)


Water Resources Conservation Program


LED Sign Information


Important Community Numbers:

Brevard County Auto Tags


Chamber of Commerce


Department of Motor Vehicles


Florida Power and Light


City Gas Co of Florida


Social Security Office


Canaveral National Seashore


Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge



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 Back Cover:Bicyclists riding one of Titusville's bike trails.