Regular City Council - March 23, 2021 at 5:30 PM

City Council

Regular Meeting

March 23, 2021


The City of Titusville City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, at Titusville City Hall, second floor, Council Chamber, 555 South Washington Avenue, Titusville, Florida 32796. Mayor Diesel called the City Council meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Those present in the Council Chamber included Mayor Daniel E. Diesel, Vice-Mayor Jo Lynn Nelson, City Council Members Robert L. Jordan, Jr., Joe C. Robinson, and Dr. Sarah Stoeckel. City Manager Scott Larese, City Attorney Richard Broome, and City Clerk Wanda Wells. Assistant City Clerk Jolynn Donhoff completed the minutes of the meeting. 


Mayor Diesel requested a moment of silence. He then led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. City Clerk Wanda Wells read the procedure for public comment and participation. 






Presentation - Basin Management Action Plan Update - Public Works Director Kevin Cook and Deputy Director Sandra Reller gave a presentation and update on the City’s Basin Management Action Plan, including the current water quality of the Indian River Lagoon (IRL), the lagoon’s health, the St. Johns River Water Management District maps depicting the lagoon’s health, resident time or flushing time (the mean time that water or some dissolved substance spends in a body of water), Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) and numbers, stormwater projects and locations, the stormwater utility budget, pollutant loads to the lagoon, etc. No action was requested and this was an informational presentation.


Council and staff discussed Council’s comments and questions with staff on several concepts, including muck flux, reducing nutrients that were already within and going into the lagoon to improve the lagoon’s health, the lagoon’s clean-up would take many years to clean up, the City could not control stores sales of fertilizer or citizens’ fertilizer usage, using more Florida friendly plants that do not need fertilizer, promoting education on these matters on the City’s website and events, etc.



Water Resources Department Spotlight - Water Resources Director Sean Stauffer provided an informational presentation on the Water Resources Department. No action was requested. Council and staff discussed Council’s comments and questions on a recent incident that occurred north of Tampa regarding water security, growth capacity, upgrades to previous aging infrastructure, water quality, reclaimed water system expansion review and planning, average cost of reclaimed water usage, etc.




Letters of Appreciation – City Manager Larese reviewed the employees that recently received letters of appreciation, which included the Community Development Department’s Administrative Assistant in the Building Department, Kristin Asbury.






Stan Johnston commented how he remembered the Indian River Lagoon years ago and the once vibrant animal life, the current degraded state of the lagoon, and his request for the resignation of certain City officials.


Rose Smith expressed concern of the speeding of vehicles in the Hickory Hills Subdivision. She also commented on a speed study and the possibility of additional stop signs.


City Manager requested Ms. Smith contact Police Chief John Lau and Public Works Director Kevin Cook, to address speeding and the installation of stop signs.


Michael Myjack expressed concern on what he felt were unknown nutrient measurements that negatively affected the Indian River Lagoon. He felt the City had to overcome 50-60 years of lagoon damage, by implementing a large action plan to include such remediation efforts like inter-city swales, etc.


Brian Samosky submitted a public speaking card for this meeting agenda, but he did not speak.




With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 6:18 p.m.