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Fire Chief

The office of the Fire Chief provides executive and leadership direction, visioning, and future planning of overall department functions.  The Fire Chief serves as the direct manager to the department members who lead administration, operations and fire prevention functions. Titusville's Fire Chief also serves in the capacity of our city's Emergency Manager, leading the emergency management functions in the event of a city-wide disaster or emergency.

Providing administrative support for fire and emergency management responsibilities of the Fire Chief and all other divisions is the function of the office manager and her staff of support personnel.

A very special service functioning under the direction of the Fire Chief is the office of Fire Chaplain.  The positions of Chaplain are filled by experienced citizen volunteers


Fire Chief Michael Woodward

  Dani Melancon LPark Gloria Wilson

Fiscal Analyst
Dani Melancon
Adm. Assistant
LaWanda Park
Senior Adm. Assistant
Gloria Wilson

Office of Volunteer Fire Chaplain

The Department's fire chaplains are available 24/7, providing aid and comfort to our community members in times of crisis.  They also aid and counsel our employees after particularly difficult emergencies and participates with us in special programs and serve on various department committees.

Chaplain John DeVoss Chaplain Wright  
Chaplain Emeritus
​John DeVoss
John Wright


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