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Emergency Management

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10/13/16 - 4PM
We are no longer asking citizens to limit their water usage. 

10/10/2016 - 11PM
We are still asking citizens to limit their water usage to essential use only. Water is safe to drink but should be used sparingly for activities such as dish washing and laundary.

10/8/2016 - 1:33PM
Titusville's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Hotline is now deactivated, and the city has returned to normal operations.  For information from Brevard County, 211 is still active.  To reach Titusville Police Department's non-emergency number call 321-264-7800.

10/7/16 - 12:30PM
Requesting residents limit the use of water to ESSENTIAL use only! Refrain from washing dishes and doing laundry etc. until further notice.

10/7/16 - 12PM
We are still asking citizens stay indoors and stay off the roads. Numerous powerlines and trees have been downed, and some traffic lights are offline. To report a downed powerline, visit https://www.fpl.com/storm/customer-outages.html

10/7/16 - 10AM
Brevard County Officials are asking that citizens stay in their houses or shelter for a few hours after the storm has passed. As soon as our public safety teams and utility companies give an "all clear" notification we will alert our citizens that it is safe to return to their homes and surrounding areas.

10/7/16 - 2AM
As Hurricane Matthew approaches Brevard County, the storm has reportedly dropped from a Category 4 storm to a Category 3 storm. Wind speeds are 120mph.

10/7/16 - 12AM
​Forecast 5'-8' storm surge inundation compounded by 12' seas building to 15' at the height of the storm. This will most likely result in flooding along the barrier islands.

10/6/16 - 10PM EST
Hurricane Matthew will have the most devastating effects between 2 and 3 am on Friday, October 7th. Effects should last until 10pm on Friday, October 7th. Wind speeds will be 110mph sustained with 140mph gusts.

10/6/16/ - 9:30PM EST
In lieu of passing an official mandatory curfew, Brevard County Officials are asking that everyone remains indoors during the course of the storm and immediately after. Official hours will be released soon.

10/6/16 - 9PM EST
Matthew is expected to be a Category 4 "Catastrophic" Hurricane as it passes through Brevard County over the course of the next day.

10/6/16 - 7:30PM EST
FPL is starting to report power outages in lower Brevard.

10/6/16 - 6:30PM EST
Sustained tropical force winds of 39-74 mph are expected in Brevard County starting at 8 p.m. Thursday through 6 p.m. Friday, with periods of sustained hurricane force winds of 110 mph and gusts up to 140 mph.

10/6/16 - 5PM EST
Hurricane Matthew is expected to have a 22 to 26 hour impact on Brevard County, starting in the southern part of the county at around 8pm EST and the northern part of the county at around 11pm EST.

10/6/16 - 4PM EST
At this time we are asking citizens to please stay off the roads. The winds are beginning to pick up and driving conditions will soon become hazardous. 

(321) 264-4067

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The Mission of the Emergency Operations Center

The City of Titusville's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located inside the Titusville Fire Headquarters facility at 550 S. Washington Avenue.  EOC is a coordinated effort by city departments to centralize all of the emergency management personnel assets in one location.This centralized approach makes management during an emergency especially effective, and helps us respond quickly to emergency issues.

 Understand the Cycle of Emergency Management

Whether your area is affected by heavy rains or another natural disaster, having an emergency plan is a good idea wherever you live. Check out Ready.gov, get your kids involved, and learn how to:



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