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CAUTION: The City of Titusville has received several complaints from citizens in reference to receiving fraudulent telephone calls from subjects claiming to be with the utility department. If you receive a telephone call of this nature and are unsure about the origin of the call, please immediately hang up and contact your local law enforcement agency for further assistance.
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The City of Titusville, Florida / Community Development / Planning / Land Development Regulations / Chapter 63 / CH 63 Art III / Sec. 63-103

Sec. 63-103

Airport impact area.


Sec. 63-103(a).       Arthur Dunn Airpark Impact Area Overlay District

Sec. 63-103(a)(1).   Airport Noise Impact Zone (Arthur Dunn Airpark)

Sec. 63-103(a)(2).   Avigation Waiver of Claims (Arthur Dunn Airpark)

Sec. 63-103(a)(3).   Avigation Easement (Arthur Dunn Airpark)

Sec. 63-103(a)(4).   Runway Clear Zones (Arthur Dunn Airpark)

Sec. 63-103(a)(5).   Height Obstruction Zones (Arthur Dunn Airpark)

Sec. 63-103(b).       Airport Height Notification Map (Space Coast Regional Airport)

Sec. 63-103(c).       Airport Runway Protection Zone (Space Coast Regional Airport)

Attachment 2B      Restricted Zones for Educational Facilities

Sec. 63-103(d).      Airport Noise Impact Zone (Space Coast Regional Airport)

Sec. 63-103(e).      Avigation Easement/Waiver of Claims/Notice of Disclosure

                               (Space Coast Regional Airport)

Sec. 63-103(f)(1).  Avigation Easement (Space Coast Regional Airport)

Sec. 63-103(f)(2).  Notice of Disclosure (Space Coast Regional Airport)

Sec. 63-103(f)(3).  Waiver of Claims (Space Coast Regional Airport)

Sec. 63-103(g).       Height Obstruction Zones (Space Coast Regional Airport)

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