All boil water alerts have been rescinded for all addresses , except the following: 3293 Columbia Blvd, 3135 Columbia Blvd suites 101 and 102, 3155 Columbia Blvd. These five address will remain under a boil water alert until further notice.
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The City of Titusville, Florida / Emergency Management / Rocket Launches

Rocket Launches

Space Coast residents have the unique opportunity of living near our country's gateway to space exploration.  Living in close proximity to Cape Canaveral Air Station (CCAS) and the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) imposes a certain amount of risk.  Residents of Brevard County should be aware that launch accidents can and do occur and should be aware of the hazards associated with the rockets launched from the Eastern Range.

Public safety is the number one priority of all of the agencies associated with the launching of these rockets.  Extensive precautions have been taken to ensure your safety.  US Air Force personnel are prepared to terminate any launches that strays from its planned flight path ensuring that any falling debris is contained within the CCAS or KSC property lines.  Launches are suspended until favorable meteorological conditions exist to prevent an unacceptable concentration of toxic chemicals and/or blast over-pressure from endangering the general public should an accident occur.  Although a launch accident may be startling, an integrated Brevard County Emergency Management and US Air Force team follows specific guidelines to ensure the public's safety.  In the unlikely event a potentially toxic plume (cloud) from an accident drifts towards your area, remain calm and follow these instructions:



Information obtained from the Brevard County EM Site

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