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CAUTION: The City of Titusville has received several complaints from citizens in reference to receiving fraudulent telephone calls from subjects claiming to be with the utility department. If you receive a telephone call of this nature and are unsure about the origin of the call, please immediately hang up and contact your local law enforcement agency for further assistance.
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The City of Titusville, Florida / Water Resources / Utility Bill Basics: Charges, Meters, Rates, & Usage / Reasons for Proposed Rate Increase

Reasons for Proposed Rate Increase

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Utilities increase rates because the cost to provide water and sewer service continues to increase. Titusville’s October, 2017 proposed rate increase will be used to fund the following:
Upgrade & replace
1 mile of water line

  Install over 8,300 feet of
water mains in south

Line 1 mile of sewer pipe & other sewer system upgrades
  Replace 1,800
water meters

Install new solids handling equipment at the Mourning Dove (water) and Blue Heron (reclaimed) treatment plants
  Upgrade marina lift station

Refurbish third & final high-service pump at Mourning Dove Water Treatment Plant
  Rehabilitate influent structure & replace screen at Blue
Heron Water Reclamation




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