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The City of Titusville, Florida / Community Development / Planning / Conditional Use Permits

Conditional Use Permits

What is a Conditional Use?

Every zoning district in the City specifies three categories of uses:

Those uses listed as "Prohibited" are not allowed to establish within that particular district. A business or other use wanting a location where the zoning lists their use as prohibited would need to rezone the property to a category that allowed their particular use (see Zoning and Rezoning Handbook).

A use that is listed as permitted within a zoning district is considered to be "permitted by right". The establishment of a permitted use within any district is assumed to be in keeping with the spirit and intent of the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan and no further approvals are needed, as long as the building is up to code.

A "Conditional Use" is a use that is generally in keeping with the intent of the particular district, but because of the nature of the use, needs a site-specific review. As an example, a child care facility is a use which is generally appropriate within a commercial district. However, the proposed site must lend itself to the safe pick-up and delivery of small children. The site must also be able to provide adequate outdoor play areas that are at least fifty feet from residential uses. Therefore, this use is Conditionally Permitted within the commercial districts, which allows the City Council to grant the use based on the staff's analysis of the particular site and the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

What do I need to submit?

To analyze a Conditional Use application, the staff needs you to submit the information on the following checklist:

Conditional Use Checklist

What does staff consider in their analysis?

The City staff will look at each Conditional Use Permit application to determine compliance with the following criteria:

Design Requirements

No Conditional Use Permit shall be approved which fails to meet the following design requirements:


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  Conditional Use Permit Application Packet

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