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The City of Titusville, Florida / Support Services / Finance / Budget & Finance Reports / Budget Amendments / FY2012-13

Budget Amendments FY2012-13

BA No.

Summary of Action
Date and Reference No.

BA597 (pdf, 418KB) SOA 11/13/2012,  Item 8C To Record FY2012-2013 CDBG and HOME Allocations
BA753 (pdf, 543KB) SOA 11/13/2012, Item 8D To complete funding for New World Project & Purchase Replacement Life Packs
BA771 (pdf, 389KB) SOA  11/13/2012, CRA, Item 9A To Fund Coordination of Downtown Events
BA1199 (pdf, 398KB) SOA 11/13/2012, Item 8F To Fund Two (2) Deep Monitoring Wells in Area III Wellfield
BA2122 (pdf, 423KB) SOA 12/13/2012, Item 8E To Fund 406 Landscape Project
BA2123 (pdf, 388KB) SOA 12/13/2012, Item 8G To Fund Purchase of Fire Dept Bunker Gear Washer
BA2124 (pdf, 389KB) SOA 1/24/2013, Item 8A To Recognize Additional Funding for Fire Station 12 Roofing Project
BA2125 (pdf, 429KB) SOA 1/24/2013, Item 8C To Recognize Private Donations and appropriate funding for K-9 Expenditures
BA2132 (pdf, 422KB) SOA 1/24/2013, Item 8D To appropriate State Forfeiture Funds for Champion of Choices School Presentation - AHS
BA2534 (pdf, 426KB) SOA 2/14/2103, Item 8E To appropriate funding for Pension Review
BA2535 (pdf, 405KB) SOA 2/14/2013, Item A2, CM Report To re-appropriate funding for Capital Outlay Project, Z01202
BA2748 (pdf, 396KB) SOA 3/5/2013, Item 1 To restore Firefighters Full Combat Pay
BA2811 (pdf, 376KB) SOA 2/26/2013, Item 8C To recognize Funding for FDOT Grant
BA3035 (pdf, 440KB) SOA 2/14/2013, Item 8D To appropriate forefeiture funds for forfeiture/seizure matters
BA3649 (pdf, 383KB) SOA 5/28/13, Item 12A To Increase 60 Day Safe Harbour Reserve per Actuarial Report
BA3842 (pdf, 412KB) SOA 2/26/13, Item To Record CRA Debt Pay Down
BA4222 (pdf, 395KB) SOA 12/13/12 To Transf Unemcumbered Balance of CIP Project WR1006 to Project WR1301
BA4235 (pdf, 403KB) SOA 2.14.13, Item 6I To Fund GRT Director
BA4287 (pdf, 415KB) SOA 4/23/13, Item 8B To Appropraite Federal Forfeiture funds
BA4288 (pdf, 406KB) SOA 4/23/13, Item 8A To Appropriate First Responder Funds
BA4332 (pdf, 2MB) SOA 5/28/13, Item 12A To Record Departmental Mid]Year Adjustments
BA4333 (pdf, 396KB) SOA 5/28/13, Item 12A To Recognize Installment Purchase Proceeds for New World Software
BA4334 (pdf, 799KB) SOA 5/28/13, Item 12A To Record FY2012 CAFR Results
BA4341 (pdf, 464KB) SOA 5/28/13, Item 12A To Recognize Revenue Received for Forfeiture Funds & Private Donations
BA4397 (pdf, 433KB) SOA 12/13/12, Item 5A To Appropriate Funding for Billboard Campaign
BA5081 (pdf, 392KB) SOA 7/9/13, Item 8B To Recognize Revenue & Costs for Increased Marina Fuel Sales
BA5442 (pdf, 421KB) SOA 7/9/13, Item 8F To Recognize Funding for RCMP Grant
BA5494 (pdf, 437KB) SOA 7/23/13, Item 8D To Appropriate Forfeiture Funds
BA5560 (pdf, 388KB) SOA 5.28.13, Item 12A To Correct CAFR Results for FY2012
BA5625 (pdf, 430KB) SOA 6/11/13, Item 8D To amend budget for Purchase of Solid Waste Vehicles
BA6103 (pdf, 429KB) SOA 8/2/13, Item 8E To Recognize Donations for Canine Program
BA6455 (pdf, 406KB) SOA 1/6/13]CRA, Action Item 2 ED Report To appropriate Funding for Historic Preservation Officer

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