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The City of Titusville, Florida / Support Services / Finance / Budget & Finance Reports / Budget Amendments / FY2011-12

Budget Amendments FY2012

BA No.

Summary of Action
Date and Reference No.


BA475 (pdf, 50KB)

SOA 9/20/2011, Item 8A To record grant and project for new pump-out equipment
BA803 (pdf, 75KB) SOA 11/22/2011, Item 12A To fund Police Dept clean-up & future EDA Grants
BA857 (pdf, 48KB) SOA 11/22/2011, Item 12A To close project for match funds for Space Coast EDA Grant - Not Funded
BA885 (pdf, 56KB) SOA 9/13/2011, Item 11A To fund continuation of Health Ins. Consultant Contract
BA1443 (pdf, 94KB) SOA CRA Mtg 12/13/11, Item 9A To fund contribution to Main St Titusville for 2012 Sea Turtle Festival
BA1921 (pdf, 70KB) SOA 1/24/2012, Item 8A To record grants for Intercoastal Waterway Dredging
BA1927 (pdf, 52KB) SOA 1/24/2012, Item 8E To cover cost of change order for Police Dept Flooring repair
BA1932 (pdf, 64KB) SOA 1/24/2012, Item 8F To fund public safety software from New World
BA2859 (pdf, 61KB) SOA 2/28/2012,  Item 8E To fund additional mold remediation at TPD
BA3076 (pdf, 41KB) SOA 3/13/2012, Item 8A To appropriate 1st Responder Funding from Brevard County
BA3077 (pdf, 68KB) SOA 3/13/2012, Item 8C To appropriate Forfeiture Funds for Police Contraband & New World Software
BA3379 (pdf, 61KB) SOA 3/27/2012, Item 8E To appropriate additional funds for re-roofing of 4660 Sisson Rd
BA3380 (pdf, 71KB) SOA 3/13/2012, Item 9D To fund downtown redevelopment plan economic programs
BA3934 (pdf, 25KB) SOA 12/14/2010, CRA , Item 9D To fund match for  Historic survey grant
BA4281 (pdf, 172KB) SOA 5/08/2012, Item 12A To appropriate police restricted reserve funds
BA4299 (pdf, 56KB) SOA 5/08/2012, Item 12A To draw down Public Safety Reserve funds
BA4306 (pdf, 53B) SOA 5/08/2012, Item 12A To record mid-year adjustments for Marina
BA4308 (pdf, 58KB) SOA 5/08/2012, Item 12A To recognize revenues for Police Restricted Reserves
BA4309 (pdf, 81KB) SOA 5/08/2012, Item 12A To record add. Misc mid-year adjustments
BA4333 (pdf, 41KB) SOA 5/8/2012, Item 9A -CRA To record grant revenue for Historic Survey
BA4595 (pdf, 76KB) SOA 5/22/2012, Item 8A To record donation from SWAT Wives Organization
BA5922 (pdf, 410KB) SOA 5/8/2012, Item 15A.2 To record Gopher Tortoise Relocation & Assessment Plan
BA5084 (pdf, 395KB) SOA 6/12/2012, Item 8G To record purchase of technology products for Fire Dept Mobile Data System Implementation
BA5175 (pdf, 486KB) SOA 6/12/2012, Item 8H To cover add. Cost of City Hall HVAC Replacement
BA5348 (pdf, 413KB) SOA 2/14/2012, CRA Item To fund downtown events, i.e., cruise-ins, music, banners
BA5403 (pdf, 471KB) SOA 3/13/2012, CRA Item 9E To fund design services for AmTrak Station in downtown Titusville
BA5404 (pdf, 383KB) SOA 2/14/2012, CRA Item To fund base of space shuttle monument
BA5735 (pdf, 413KB) SOA 1/10/2012, Item 12B To fund outdoor billboard advertisement campaign
BA5743 (pdf, 405KB) SOA 5/22/2012, Item 12B To correct funding source for SEDC grant bid for test HUB site
BA6095 (pdf, 420KB) SOA 6/12/2012, Item 8B To purchase solid waste recycle carts
BA6120 (pdf, 395KB) SOA 6/12/2012, CM Report, Item B5 To record Visit FL Grant and matching funds from Space Coast Office of Tourism
BA6139 (pdf, 385KB) SOA 7/10/2012, Item 8B To fund add. Roofing costs at Sisson Rd. Facility
BA6140 (pdf, 379KB) SOA 7/10/2012, Item 8F To fund add. Cost of Osprey Plant Grit Pump
BA6660 (pdf, 499KB) SOA 8/28/2012, Item8B To appropriate forfeiture funds
BA6705 (pdf, 1.8MB) SOA 8/28/2012, Item8B To appropriate various reserve reserves, etal
BA7212 (pdf, 384KB) SOA 7/10/2012-CRA, Item 9A To Amend Commercial Beautification Grant Program
BA7518 (pdf, 506KB) SOA 9/25/12, Item 12A To Record Fy2012 Carry Forward List
BA7623 (pdf, 3.1MB) SOA 11/13/12, Item 8A To Record FY2012 Year End Adjustments

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