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Commercial Property Stormwater Rate Formula


There are two steps in calculating the stormwater fee for a commercial property:

STEP 1. Determine the number of ERU’s for the property:

Number of ERU’s = (SFCustomer/SFERU) x (IDFCustomer/IDFERU)
ERU = Equivalent Residential Unit
SFCustomer = Square footage of customer’s property
Size of a typical single-family residential property in Titusville, approximately 0.25 acres or 11,000 square feet.
IDFCustomer =
(0.95 x impervious area) + (0.10 x pervious area). Approximately 95% of the rain that falls on the impervious areas of your property (hard surfaces such as driveways and rooftops) will become stormwater runoff  and 10% of rain that falls on the pervious areas of your property (grassed or landscaped areas) will become stormwater runoff. 
0.30. Approximately 30% of the rain that falls on typical single family residential property becomes stormwater runoff. 

STEP 2. Multiply the number of ERU’s by the annual charge per ERU:   

2017 Stormwater Fee = (Number of ERU’s) x ($87.70 per ERU)

To learn more about ERUs, select Stormwater Rate Structure from the menu at the left or click here.

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