Thanksgiving Week: Thursday’s pickup for garbage, recycling and yard trash will be on Wednesday. There will be no other changes for the week.

CAUTION: The City of Titusville has received several complaints from citizens in reference to receiving fraudulent telephone calls from subjects claiming to be with the utility department. If you receive a telephone call of this nature and are unsure about the origin of the call, please immediately hang up and contact your local law enforcement agency for further assistance.
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Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles have established the basic financial statements and RSI as the minimum standard for financial reporting. Governments are expressly encouraged to go beyond these minimum requirements and to present a comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR). A CAFR has three major sections: introductory, financial, and statistical. The introductory section furnishes general information on the government’s structure, services, and environment.  The financial section contains all basic financial statements and RSI, as well as information on all individual funds and discretely presented component units not reported separately in the basic financial statements. 

SEC Rule 15c2-12 requires a legal undertaking on the part of governmental debt issuers to provide certain annual financial information on an ongoing basis. Rule 15c2-12 does not establish a standardized format for presenting this information. Rather, the appropriate means of meeting the periodic disclosure requirements is left to the determination of the governmental issuer. GFOA has formally recognized the CAFR as an appropriate document for meeting the disclosure requirements of SEC Rule 15c2-12.

The City of Titusville is in full compliance of all GAAP and SEC Rule 15c2-12 reporting requirements.


PDF -   FISCAL YEAR 2015 CAFR.PDFSpacer(3151.2KB)

PDF -   FISCAL YEAR 2014 CAFR.PDFSpacer(4211.7KB)

PDF -   FISCAL YEAR 2013 CAFR.PDFSpacer(2698KB)

PDF -   FISCAL YEAR 2012 CAFR.PDFSpacer(5711.1KB)

PDF -   FISCAL YEAR 2011 CAFR.PDFSpacer(5414.3KB)

PDF -   FISCAL YEAR 2010 CAFR.PDFSpacer(1739.5KB)

PDF -   FISCAL YEAR 2009 CAFR .PDFSpacer(1994.3KB)

PDF -   FISCAL YEAR 2008 CAFR.PDFSpacer(3716.9KB)

PDF -   FISCAL YEAR 2007 CAFR.PDFSpacer(4166KB)

PDF -   FISCAL YEAR 2006 CAFR.PDFSpacer(894.5KB)

PDF -   FISCAL YEAR 2005 CAFR.PDFSpacer(6665.7KB)
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