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P. O. Box 2806, (32781-2806)
555 S Washington Ave.
Titusville, FL 32796
Phone: (321) 567-3689
Fax: (321) 383-5704
Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
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TitusvilleCityTV - Government Access Television


The Titusville Government Access Channel may be found on Bright House Cable Channel 498 and on Channel 99 with AT&T’s Uverse TV Service.

Streaming Video: Ustream | YouTube

Archived Meetings: Ustream | YouTube (for meetings after 2016)

Community Videos: Check out our YouTube Channel

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Regularly broadcast live meetings:

  • City Council meetings
  • Community Redevelopment Agency
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Board of Adjustments & Appeals
  • Municipal Code Enforcement
  • Board of County Commissioners

Regularly broadcast shows:

  • Florida Channel (State Government Channel)
  • Titusville Community Events
  • Waterways
  • Living Green
  • Wildlife Matters
  • Senior Wellness
...and more!

DVD copies of Titusville’s Board meetings televised on CITY TV may be purchased by contacting the station via telephone, mail or e-mail. Prices are based on actual costs of supplies and postage and are subject to fluctuations. Meeting length determines the number of DVDs required.

Current DVD duplication prices are $0.30 per DVD.  Click here to request a DVD via email.

The City operates the government access channel to enhance knowledge of local government, community issues and activities and provide support for emergency operations broadcasting

Government Access Television Schedule

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(Please Note: At times the schedule may vary due to meeting changes and/or other circumstances beyond our control)

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