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Outside Irrigation

duneWater is a Resource
We All Share

It's estimated that between thirty and fifty percent of all residential water use occurs outside and that over fifty percent of all lawns are over-watered.

sensorMuch of the outside water loss occurs because people are watering inefficiently. Failing to install a rain sensor or putting different types of irrigation heads in the same zone will make your irrigation system inefficient and waste water. One of the most common mistakes is to irrigate both shrubs and planting beds in the same zone as turf areas. You are essentially mixing low-water users (woody plants) with a high-water user (turf). Plant beds actually benefit more from drip systems because there is less evaporation and the water gets to where the plant needs it—the roots.

tickseedAnother common mistake people make is failing to follow the first principle of Florida-friendly landscaping: right plant, right place. A plant's requirements for soil composition, shade/sunlight availability, water, etc. must match with the site's conditions or else the plant will be weak and stressed, which will lead to over-watering and over-fertilizing. 


By using Florida-Friendly landscaping techniques and incorporating waterwise and native plants in your home landscape, you can create an attractive, low-maintenance, water-conserving yard that works with Florida’s environment instead of against it.


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