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The City of Titusville, Florida / Community Development / Development Services / Fee Schedule

Engineering Services Fee Schedule


**On May 22, 2018 the City Council adopted Resolution #11-2018 Amending Community Development Fees. The new fees will become effective on July 1, 2018.**







Appeals from decision of administrative office -                           $450 plus advertisement fee
*** Variances and Appeals Advertisement -            $150 each advertisement





Single-family and multi-family zoning districts - $450 plus advertisement fee
All other zoning districts - $500 plus advertisement fee
***Variances and Appeals Advertisement - $150 each advertisement
Subsequent items processed at the same time as the first item $100 per additional request


***The applicant will be responsible for all re-advertising when an applicant deferral is initiated.





Class I Improvement Review                          
     Residential - Single Family Lot $100      
     Non-residential Lot $250
     Right-of-way Reviews $200
     Minor Divisions (maximum 3 lots) $500


Class II Site Plan Review

     Site Plan Pre-application Review                                      $250 plus $10 per acre
     Site Plan Engineering Review $1,000 plus $100 per acre
     * Site Plan Multi-family Engineering Review $1,000 plus $100 per unit
     Site Plan Marina Facilities $1,000 plus $100 per slip

      Late Resubmittal Re-instatement Review                                          $500 prior to 90 days from 

                                                                                                                delinquent response date. After

                                                                                                                90 days, new review fees will

                                                                                                                be required.

     Amendments to Approved Site Plans:                                  
          Minor changes (less than 10%) $250
          Major changes (greater than 10%) One-Half (1/2) Original Free


* A Site Plan Multi-family Engineering Review is a non-platted development such as an apartment or

   condominium development.


Class II Subdivision Review Fees

     Subdivision Pre-application Review                        $250 plus $10 per acre
     Subdivision Sketch Plat Review $500 plus $15 per lot
     Subdivision Preliminary Plat with Engineering $2,000 plus $30 per lot
     Subdivision Final Plat $1,000 plus $20 per lot
     Minor Division (maximum 3 lots) $1,000


     Late Resubmittal Re-instatement Review                                           $500 prior to 90 days from

                                                                                                                delinquent response date. After

                                                                                                                90 days, new review fees will

                                                                                                                be required.

     Amendments to Approved Site Plans:                               
          Minor changes (less than 10%) $250
          Major changes (greater than 10%) One-half (1/2) Original Fee


Landscape Review Fees (Classes I and II)               
     Landscape Review Subdivision  $500 plus $10 per lot
     Landscape Review Non-subdivision $500 plus $50 per acre
     Single Family Lot Landscape Review $75
     Tree Review Fee (greater than 2 acres) $750 plus $75 per acre
     Tree Removal Request $50 plus $20 per tree



Class I Site Development Permit Fees

     Land Alternations/Clearing                                         $300 plus $50 per acre
     Stormwater Improvements $300 plus $10 per acre
     Residential Driveway Connection $100 each
     Commercial Driveway Connection $250 each
     Parking Lot Restriping/Resurfacing $100 plus $2 per stall
     Parking Lot New Construction $300 plus $5 per stall
     R.O.W. - Open Cuts/Directional Drill $200 each
     Utility Construction $2.5% of cost ($100 min.)
     Road Repairs $100 plus $50 per L.F.
     Sidewalks $50 plus $1 per L.F.
     Single Family Lot Final Inspection $100
     Trash Enclosure $250 each
     Utility Service Connection $100 each

Class II Site Development Permit Fees

     Pre-construction Conference                                                   $500
     Subdivision Permits 2.5% of site construction cost
     Non-subdivision Permits 2.5% of site construction cost

Class I and II Site Development Miscellaneous Fees

      Permit Extension Request                                                               $10% of original permit fee
                                                                                                              ($50 minimum)

     Expired Permit Re-instatement                                                         $35% of original permit fee
                                                                                                              ($100 minimum)

     Permit Re-inspections                                                                $100 each re-inspection
     Permit Transfers $100 each
     Permit Modifications $350 each
     Work without a Permit Double Permit Fee
     After Hours Inspection Fee $100 per hour (2 hr. minimum)



Potable Water Clearance $100                           
Sanitary Sewer Clearance $100
Reclaimed Water Clearance $100
Stormwater Management Systems Clearance $100
Utility Service Request $100
Final Closeout & Site CO Request $150



Public Record Recording Fee                                                                  $50 plus Brevard County
                                                                                                              filing charges

Flood Zone Determination/Certification                 $50 each
Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plan Review $200 each
Special Events Permit $100 plus $25 per day
Fire Hydrant Flow Test $160 each
Force Main Pressure Test (existing tap) $140 each
Force Main Pressure Test (new tap) $500 each


Note #1:         For all permit fees not listed above, the permit fee shall be based on 2.5% of approved site
                   development construction cost but not less than $100. All proposed site development construction
                   cost must be approved by the Administrator.

Note #2:         Refunds: A 10% administrative fee will be charged on all refunds requested if the request is within
30 days of payment receipt and no work has been performed or completed. Once work has been 
                   started or the request is after the initial 30 day period, no refunds will be granted.

Note #3:         A surcharge shall be assessed on each permit fee in the amount of 0.3 mil per dollar valuation.
                   Fee to be charged on all permits issued regardless of type, rounded to the nearest cent including
                   fees required under this chapter and the provisions of the Land Development Regulations, Volume
                   II of the Code. The funds generated by the surcharge shall be used exclusively for the training of
                   department personnel and the purchase of technological tools and equipment for the department.

Email Disclaimer: Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.
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