Reclaimed water is back on in Titusville.
The following addresses are under a precautionary boil water notice: 3445 Ronald McNair Way, 3353, 3343, 3323, 3293, 3045 (units A101 through A109), 3055 (units B104 through B10, B115, B117), 3065 (units C101, C104, C106, C107), 3135 Suites 101 and 102, 3155, 3125, 2965, 2955, 2940 Columbia Blvd.
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10/02/2017Water Main Break
09/07/2017North Brevard Food Pantries List
09/07/2017Community Resources List
09/07/2017Brevard County Announces Evacuations and Shelters for Irma
09/06/2017Hurricane Irma - FAQ
02/08/2016Preventing Zika Virus in Brevard
01/14/2016Building SAFE Rooms
01/13/2016Beware Tornado Weather
12/29/2015Central Florida Tornado Drill - January 6th @ 10 a.m.
09/30/2015National PreparAthon Day
06/18/2015Learn the Five P's of Emergency Evacuation
06/01/2015Hurricane Season Begins Today
09/26/2014Police Investigate Single Suspicous Incident
09/20/2014Get A Kit!
09/17/2014Family Communications in a Disaster
09/02/2014Ten Years Later: Remembering Hurricane Frances
08/31/2014Get Your Business Ready (for Disasters)
08/30/2014A Decade After 2004 Storms, FEMA Urges Hurricane Preparedness
07/18/2014Involving Children in Emergency Planning
07/11/2014Be Prepared for Emergencies
06/05/2014Are You Prepared? Get a Kit--Make a Plan--Be Informed
05/29/2014Next Week Hurricane Season Begins--Are You Ready?
03/06/2014Officer Indicted on Federal Drug Offenses
06/06/2013Maintaining Our Stormwater System
06/04/2013Preparing Your Yard for Hurricane Season
05/30/2013Hurricane Season Begins - Are You Ready?
11/08/2011Don't Stress-It's Just a Test: 2 p.m. EST Wednesday, 11/9/11
09/06/2011A Disaster--It Could Happen to You--Are You Ready?
08/31/2011September is National Preparedness Month
08/25/2011No Disruption of City Operations from Hurricane Irene
08/23/2011Titusville Urges Citizens to Prepare for Hurricane Irene
07/11/2011Preparing for Hurricane Season
06/22/2011Involve Your Children In Family Disaster Preparedness
06/15/2011The Importance of Flood Insurance
09/24/2010Helping Children Cope After Disasters
09/20/2010Preparedness for People With Special Needs
09/18/2010Emergency Preparedness: Be Informed About Food and Water Safety
09/14/2010Be Informed: Everybody Needs Flood Insurance
09/12/2010Emergency Preparedness for Kids
09/09/2010Pets Need To Be Prepared Too
09/07/2010Emergency Preparedness: Make A Plan
09/06/2010 Develop An Attitude--the Preparedness Attitude
09/05/2010Hurricane Awareness
09/03/2010Preparedness is a Click Away
09/03/2010Become Involved in Emergency Preparedness
08/25/2010Get a Kit, Get a Plan, Be Informed
07/23/2010Yard Clean-up Urged in Preparation for Hurricane Season
09/10/2009National Preparedness Month
05/06/2009Swine Flu Information
06/01/2007Titusville Residents Urged to Proactively Prepare for 2007 Hurricane Season
05/04/2007Titusville Urges Its Residents to Take Advange of Florida's Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday
05/04/2007Community Disaster Showcase at Searstown Mall in Titusville
08/30/2006Ernesto Preperations
07/10/2006Is Your Home Ready for a Hurricane? -- Free Home Inspections Available
05/18/2006Titusville Urges Residents to Take Advantage of Hurricane Preparedness Sale Tax Holiday

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