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Back to School Saftey

Be Alert for School School Crossing Zones
Students in Titusville head “Back to School” on Wednesday August 12, 2015!  Road travel increases and traffic patterns shift, so this busy time of year can also be a dangerous one, especially for children. Please alert to school children walking, biking, and boarding a school bus.  Slow down to posted speeds in school zones, stop at Pedestrian Crossing Zones, and never pass a STOPPED School Bus when children are boarding.
Take advantage of the following tips and resources to strengthen your traffic safety knowledge.
Tip #1 − Walking Safely
Pedestrians 10 and younger must be accompanied by an adult or young adult on their way to and from school. Show them how to cross the street by stopping at the curb and looking left-right-left for traffic before crossing.
Tip #2 − Biking Safely
The two best protections when biking to and from school are a properly fitted bicycle helmet and a good grasp of traffic safety rules. Let your child choose the helmet, and explain it's "just part of the gear," like football or baseball or lacrosse equipment.
Tip #3 − Riding the Bus Safely
School buses are the safest mode of transportation for getting children back and forth to school. Even so, your kids need to be especially careful around the school bus "danger zone" − 10 feet in front, 10 feet behind, and on each side of the bus.
Tip #4 − Riding in the Car Safely
Did you know children in the front seat are 40 percent more likely to be injured in crashes? If your kids are 12 and younger, make sure they ride in the back seat.
Tip #5 − Driving Safely
As a parent, you're the #1 influence on the kind of pedestrian, bicyclist and driver your child will become. Set a positive example and keep your children safe. Whether walking, biking or driving, stay completely focused on the road and put your cell phone away when in traffic.
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