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Turn Down the Irrigation When You Turn Back Your Clocks

Fall & Winter Irrigation Schedule
Turn Down the Irrigation When You Turn Back Your Clocks
TITUSVILLE, FL - (October 21, 2014) – People are creatures of habit. For most of us, before we go to bed on Saturday, November 1, we will turn our clocks back one hour because Eastern Standard Time starts on Sunday, November 2. What few of us remember to do is turn our irrigation controllers back to one day. During Eastern Standard Time (November 2 through March 7), outside irrigation is reduced to one day per week. Odd-numbered residential addresses may irrigate on Saturdays; even-numbered residential addresses may irrigate on Sundays; and commercial and non-residential properties may irrigate on Tuesdays during this period.
Landscape irrigation schedules are set by the St. Johns River Water Management District and have been tied to time zone changes for over 5 years. According to Maureen Phillips, City of Titusville Water Resources’ Water Conservation & Public Outreach Manager, the irrigation schedules were set to mirror what naturally occurs in the environment. Irrigation is reduced during the fall and winter because of the reduced growth rate of plants and grasses that result from the reduced sunlight, cooler temperatures and reduced rainfall during this time of year. “Watering out of sync with nature disturbs a plant’s normal growth cycle. New growth increases the plant’s need to produce more food, which is tied to the amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients available. If any of these elements are missing, the plant will be stressed making it more susceptible to disease. A plant with new growth can also experience extensive damage during a freeze,” Phillips explained.
Residents should check with their water utility to find out more about the irrigation restrictions in their area. “Most municipalities adopted ordinances in conjunction with the St. Johns River Water Management District’s irrigation restrictions. If approved by the District, additional restrictions may apply,” Phillips said. “In Titusville, we restrict the use of reclaimed water, in addition to well water and city water.” For more information about the irrigation restrictions or to learn about Florida-Friendly landscaping, contact the Titusville Conservation Office at 321-383-5669 or visit the Water Resources Conservation Program’s pages at

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