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Next Week Hurricane Season Begins--Are You Ready?

2014 Hurricane Outlook HURRICANE SEASON


The first day of June signals the start of Florida's hurricane season (June 1-November 30). NOAA Climate Forecasters predict an average to slightly below average Atlantic hurricane season for 2014.  Don't depend on predictions on whether to prepare your family!  Keep in mind that NOAA's batting average for correctly predicting the number of storms and their intensity is about .500 (better than most other prediction sites); however, the 2004 season proved to be problematic as low hurricane activity was originally predicted--until an El Niño developed late in the season and helped to produce Hurricanes Charley, Ivan, Frances and Jeanne, making 2004 one of the busiest hurricane seasons for Florida in decades and locally three of the storms impacted Titusville and its residents. 

It's also important to remember that the effects of tropical weather such as tropical storms and hurricane impacts, go beyond the landfall site and are not limited to the coastline impacted.  Strong winds, torrential rain, flooding and tornadoes often threaten inland areas such as Titusville far from where the storm first makes landfall.

Begin your emergency preparations today.  Titusville Emergency Manager, Fire Chief Michael Woodward asks, "Have you finished your emergency preparations, such as completing your family communication plan, gathering the items for your disaster supply kit, stocking food and water or strengthening your home from storms?  If you have done so, great job! If you haven't, now is the time to begin."

The State of Florida has prepared a comprehensive website with tools to help walk you through what is needed to prepare you and your family in the event of a disaster-
Local information regarding shelters, transportation, special needs programs and other vital emergency information can be obtained from the offices of Brevard County Emergency Management and City of Titusville Emergency Management

Don't delay. Start today to protect your family and your home from disasters.

For further emergency management information, contact the City of Titusville, 321-383-5708.


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