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Titusville Officers Equipped with Mobile Data
Monday, April 02, 2007

Computer Aided Dispatch
Mobile Data System

Every Titusville Officer on the street has been equipped with a valuable tool for fighting crime -Mobile Data. Our new Mobile Data system consists of a ruggedized Dell laptop in each patrol car that is directly tied into the police department's main frame computer.

Each officer now sees exactly what dispatcher's do, a real-time "CAD" (Computer-Aided Dispatch) screen. Also accesible by the officer's in their patrol cars: Direct access to the Driver License system including driver license photos and status, NCIC, which is a national data base, criminal history, pawn activity, and the list goes on.

Some examples of the new resource include an officer's ability to pull up a driver or suspect's photos out on the street. Persons with warrants or a suspended license often provide false information to hide their identity to police. Now, when someone has no ID, an officer can pull up their ID and /or license photo to verify. Also, the system has automatic mapping on it that shows a location of a call on a map.

Significant security measures have been put into place including equipping each computer with a fingerprint scanner that allows only the officer assigned the laptop to log on. GPS and other measures are also being explored.

Titusville will continue to pursue technology advancements to provide the most effective and efficient service possible. 

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