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Understanding Your Water

Understanding Your Water

TITUSVILLE, FL - (June 14, 2010) – Where does our drinking water come from? Who do I call if I need someone to speak to my class on water conservation? What’s backflow? The city of Titusville’s water customers will be able to find the answers to these questions and many more in the 2010 edition of The Water We Drink.

The report, known as the annual drinking water report or consumer confidence report, will be arriving in Titusville mailboxes within the next few weeks. “Federal and state law requires community water systems that serve more than 10,000 persons, to mail a copy of the report to each of their billing customers,” explained Raynetta Curry Grant, Titusville’s Water Resources Director. “The report focuses on the quality of drinking water provided to Titusville’s water consumers during 2009.”

In addition to required information on water sources, treatment and analysis, this year the report includes information on future water supply and stormwater management. Highlighted in the report are some of the programs the city provides to its water consumers such as water conservation. According to Maureen Phillips, Water Conservation and Public Outreach Manager, “This report provides us with a unique opportunity each year to reach our customers. It not only educates them about their water system but also lets them know about our programs such as the free showerhead exchange or simple ways to save water in their home and yard. We want them to be aware that things like backflow can create a hazard. We want them to know who to call if they water quality concerns. Including information like the correct watering days and times gives our consumers a resource that they can keep on hand year around.”

A popular section of the report is the questions and answers page. “In the past, some residents have asked us why the report is mailed versus just posted on the website or whether they need the water “purification” devices that they see advertised, “ explained Phillips. “This page provides the answers right up front, so everybody has a better understanding of the report and our water system.”

“We are Titusville’s water utility and we want our water consumers to know that Titusville’s water surpasses federal and state requirements for drinking water,” said Grant.

Additional copies of the report will be available through the Water Resources Conservation Office at 383-5669. The report will also be posted on the Water Resources Department’s page on Titusville’s website at

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