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New Public Education Campaign Kicks Off Water Conservation Month


TITUSVILLE, FL - (March 13, 2008) – April is Water Conservation Month and the City of Titusville Water Resources Conservation Program will kick off a new public education campaign as part of the celebration.

“Two of the programs we want to highlight this year during Water Conservation Month are the Toilet Retrofit Rebate and the Showerhead Exchange,” explained Maureen Phillips, Titusville’s Water Resources Community Programs Coordinator. For over six years, the City of Titusville has offered rebates to Titusville water customers who change out older toilets and give a free showerhead to those who exchange an old showerhead. “Both of these programs have been highlighted in billing inserts, flyers, ads, and with various displays and events, but I still hear from people who say that they did not know we had them,” Phillips commented. “Educating the public on ways to save water and the many water-saving programs we offer is an ongoing process. We are always trying to find new ways to reach our water customers,” Phillips added.

This year, to highlight both the Toilet Retrofit Rebate and the Showerhead Exchange, Water Resources’ Conservation Program will feature Winston the Water Dog in a conservation video and in public outreach messages. Winston, who is Phillips’ golden retriever, was first used in Titusville’s water conservation program this past summer at a Titus Nights event in downtown Titusville. “The theme was the dog days of summer, so I set up a display for water conservation and had Winston as my official greeter. He attracted so much attention to the program and everyone enjoyed meeting and petting him that I thought he would make a great ambassador for our water conservation program,” she said.

Raynetta Curry Grant, Titusville’s Water Resources Department Director agreed. “Winston has a great personality and any time we can draw attention to water conservation is great for both our water consumers and our water resources.”

Recognizing April as Water Conservation Month reaffirms Titusville’s commitment to promoting the efficient use of water.



For further information, contact the Conservation Program at (321) 383-5669

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