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Student Advisory Council

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MISSION STATEMENT: To encourage involvement of young people in community affairs and create an awareness of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of Titusville. 
MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA: The Student Advisory Council was created by Resolution of the Titusville City Council in 1993.  This council consist of twelve (12) students:  four (4) appointed from  Astronaut High School and four (4) from Titusville High School, four (4) appointed from the North Brevard Home School Association.  Their term of office is for the period of the school year, which can be extended throughout the summer months, if required.
PURPOSE: The members prioritize two to four "youth-related" issues and possible solutions, which are presented annually to City Council in April.  These issues serve as the springboard for student work projects for the incoming Council in the next school year.
Student Council Members (2017/2018)
Student Advisory Council's general/promotional video
Co-Chair Jason Garrett 
(AHS), senior
Co-Chair Anna Backus
(NBHSA), senior
Co-Chair Spencer Burnett
(THS), senior
Emma Milbert   
(AHS), junior
(NBHSA), junior
Diamond Washington
(THS), junior
Josiah Johnson
(AHS), sophomore
Vice-Chair Simon Recicar 
(NBHSA), sophomore
Secretary Isabella Almiñana 
(THS), sophomore
(AHS), freshman
Isaac Gutman
(NBHSA), freshman
Caleb Phillips (Photographer)
(THS), freshman

School Advisors:  Cheryl Shivel (AHS), Louise Bronar (THS), and Carrie Backus (NBHSA)

City Staff Liaisons: Debbie Denman and Jolynn Donhoff

Contact information: 567-3775, City Clerk's Office, Post Office Box 2806, Titusville, Florida   32781-2806


The Student Advisory Council, better known as SAC, was based on an idea enthusiastically championed by former Titusville Mayor Larry Bartley.   Enacted by Resolution of Titusville's City Council in 1993, the mission of the SAC is to encourage the involvement of young people in community affairs and create an awareness of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of Titusville.

Annually, the Council develops two to four ideas and initiatives that they will focus on accomplishing during their term of office.  At the conclusion of each year, they provide an annual report to Titusville City Council on their activities.
The Council is comprised of 12 students from Astronaut and Titusville High Schools and the North Brevard Home School Association.  Each school is represented on the Council by a student from each grade level.  They meet at least monthly at City Hall, or more often if warranted by the projects they undertake.
Since the creation of the Student Advisory Council, members have translated their mission statement into positive action. Throughout our community are the visible results of their drive and focus such as the traffic signal at U.S. Highway #1 and South Terrier Trail in front of Titusville High School.  This was a multi-year project initiated by SAC, requiring interfacing with government entities of all levels (city, county, and state) and required the SAC to display a great deal of tenacity as succeeding Councils' continued the eight year project to its successful conclusion.  The traffic signal turn lane at S.R. 405 and Park Avenue was also a project initially identified as a community need by the SAC.  The safety and responsibility of Titusville's teens has been a recurring theme of multiple Councils, resulting in an award-winning video of the consequences of making false bomb threats, a video on the tragic consequences of underage drinking and driving, action in support of legislative initiatives that address teenage alcohol consumption, and implementation of an anti-drinking webpage,
Entertainment venues for their peers have also been a recurring endeavor of SAC.  Over the years, the members have partnered with government, community and private entities to form coalitions which ultimately resulted in the creation of two teen centers and a skateboard park.  Their experience in partnering also translated to other successful opportunities offered to high school students including leadership seminars, shadowing of municipal government positions and learning the intricacies of how government works through participation in mock city council meetings.

S.A.C.: 1 council, 3 schools, 12 members  =  High School teens improving Titusville's community.

Length of Term
3rd Tuesday of the Month at 4:00 p.m.
One Year (August through April)

Calendar Events

Rescheduled: Student Advisory Council Meeting
Tuesday, December 19, 2017
On October 17, 2017, the Student Advisory Council authorized rescheduling their regular monthly meetings of November 21 and December 19,  2017 (only), to the new followed meeting dates and times:

New meeting dates:

November 14, 2017 at ...  (Read more)

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